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Image 1979 | Feb22 | Pioneering abstract theatre (Sydney Morning Herald) Popular

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Publisher: Fairfax

Image 1979 | Mar12 | Michael Shellshear review (Tharunka 79)

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4/5/16: Tharunka is the student newspaper at Sydney University. It still exists as on-line newspaper today. 

pdf 1979 | Mar5 | Katherine Brisbane review (The Australian) Popular

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Copyright: Katherine Brisbane | Publisher: New Ltd

Image 1979 | March | letter to the editor (Tharunka) Popular

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4/5/16: 'Tharunka' is the student newspaper at Sydney University, which still exists today as an on-line newspaper. 

Image 1979 | March | Seymour Centre season flyer Popular

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Image 1979 | March | Sydney Shout article Popular

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