As curator, creative director, producer or artist Mike has the creative edge to make your project stand out in an crowded market.

A proven track-record for the successful delivery of highly creative and original cultural products. Mike's background is multi-faceted with experiences in the performing arts, the visual arts, museums and major cultural events. It is the combination of all of these unique experiences that he can guarantee a distinctive 21st Century result.

A spreadsheet template has been designed to catalogue archives. Mike can assess your collection, catalogue it and advise you how to sell it.


"The most comprehensive and detailed listing in my experience." 
L.Reed. Approved Valuer, Australian Government.

Your catalogue is an important part of the national narrative and it must be preserved. VHS tapes, slides, photographs, negatives, film, documents, audio tapes and drawings are all deteriorating. The organisation and cataloguing of your archive will make it more accessible and attractive to pass onto a public institution.


Creating the WOW factor in any project requires specialised skills. Mike's experience as a project manager is based in high-level risk assessment skills and logistics management expertise.

Mike's experience is based on the delivery of highly successful cultural and commercial projects both here in Australia and overseas. He has managed projects that range from the design of a retail concept that sold millions of dollars of product, the production of an entertainment product that created precedents in the industry and the creation of an award winning special event. Today, Mike is available to advise on your next project.